Dr. Claire Sira Streamlines ADHD Assessments with Hyperfocus

Discover how a neuropsychologist halved her assessment times and improved client care.

Case Study

The Challenges Faced by Dr. Claire

Dr. Claire Sira, a respected neuropsychologist, wrestled with the complexities of providing accurate adult ADHD assessments. Beyond the core challenges of the condition itself, several factors fueled her frustrations:

The Risk of Misdiagnosis: With insufficient data, psychologists live with the fear of misdiagnosis. ADHD can share symptoms with other mental health conditions, demanding a careful assessment process.

The Depth of Exploration: Meticulous history-taking is essential, but time-consuming. Uncovering potential comorbidities or contributing factors often requires extensive in-person interviews – impossible to achieve in a brief session.

The Burden of Administration: The administrative tasks of running a practice are relentless. Precious time is diverted away from Dr. Sira's true expertise – direct client interaction and careful analysis.

Like many psychologists, Dr. Claire felt the weight of these challenges. Her desire to deliver exceptional care while maintaining a sustainable practice drove her to seek a better way.

The Transformation

Dr. Claire’s integration of Hyperfocus software improved her practice, ushering in a new era of efficiency and client-centric care. Here's how she transformed her workflow:

  • Streamlined Intake: Prior to the first appointment, clients complete comprehensive history forms and normed tests securely online at their convenience. This eliminated the need for lengthy in-person history gathering, freeing up valuable appointment time for deeper clinical discussions.

  • Automated Scoring and Insights: Her scoring and analysis time has been reduced and is provided insightful interpretations based on established research. This not only saved Dr. Sira significant time, but also offered valuable data points to inform her assessments.

  • Effortless Communication: Gone were the days of chasing incomplete paperwork. Dr. Sira could send gentle reminders to clients with a single click. The user-friendly interface also garnered positive feedback from patients, exceeding the experience of previous solutions.

  • Consolidated Workflow: She had one central hub for client data. She could seamlessly draft interview notes, access and review all assessment data (including completed forms and test results), and write comprehensive reports – all within one secure platform.

  • Reduced Cost, Increased Accessibility: By streamlining the assessment process, she was able to offer more affordable ADHD assessments to her clients. This not only benefited their wallets but also increased the accessibility of quality mental health care.

The net result? Dr. Claire shed the burden of administrative tasks and gained precious time to devote to what truly matters – direct clinical work with her patients. This shift allowed her to delve deeper during appointments, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of each client's unique needs.

The Outcome

Dr. Sira's integration of Hyperfocus yielded impressive results:

  • Assessment Efficiency: Assessment time halved from 6 hours to just 3 hours with almost zero no-shows.

  • Financial Accessibility: Clients benefit from more affordable ADHD assessments.

  • Reduced Wait Times: Dr. Sira is able to significantly reduce her waitlist in a way that feels fair to clients as their interviews are booked as soon as they complete all of their forms within Hyperfocus.

  • Uncompromised Accuracy: Comprehensive forms and test results maintain the precision of her diagnoses.

  • Client-Centric Experience: Patients appreciate the convenience and ease of providing their history from the comfort of their own homes taking as much time as they need.

"Hyperfocus has transformed my practice. I deliver thorough ADHD assessments in half the time so I’m able to see people on my waitlist sooner than in the past. When I meet my clients for the interview, I have all the information they submitted organized and easy to view, which saves time and helps the interview go very smoothly."

- Claire Sira, neuropsychologist, BC

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