About us

HyperFocus was founded on the belief that mental health and wellbeing is a right and should be easily accessible to everyone. Our ultimate goal is integrating mental and behavioural medicine within healthcare.

Our mission is to democratize access to psychological and behavioural health assessments by supporting physicians and psychologists, as well as patients and clients who seek timely and informed results.

What we do

We help healthcare practitioners seamlessly integrate mental and behavioural health.

Our online platform connects physicians and psychologists to each other through "warm hand-offs”. It has evidence-informed assessment toolkits and provides interpretive results that healthcare practitioners can trust. It's easy for physicians to start assessing their patients and for psychologists to close the loop with quick feedback to referring physicians.

Tom serves as CEO and is responsible for HyperFocus' overall direction and strategic product development. He co-founded the company in 2022 with Dr. Claire to improve integration of medical and mental health. He is passionate about pushing for easier access to mental health.


Tom Hudock
Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. Claire Sira
Dr. Claire spearheads HyperFocus' long-term place within healthcare and represents the healthcare voice of practitioners. After co-founding the company, she helped shape the design of the toolkit. She is a strong psychologist advocate through her positions on the BCPA board of directors and has been a licensed psychologist for over 15 years.

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